Building Ze Makers Club 🚀
Building Ze Makers Club 🚀

Building Ze Makers Club 🚀

Very recently, I joined Zetoolbox as their new Head of Community.

What's all this you're (not likely) asking...

Well, if you're still reading, Zetoolbox is the French startup helping SMEs grow their revenues thanks to the implementation of the right tools and digital processes.

And as Head of Community, my role is to build and develop Ze Makers Club, the community of the best makers and experts who'll help these ambitious SMEs reach new heights. 🚀

In this post, I want to share in public what led me to this life-changing opportunity and why I decided to pursue it.


The original plan...

After Hello Tyro failed and I was free to do whatever I liked, the plan was to start my career as a #nocode freelancer.

Having had the opportunity to work on a few freelance missions and some time to dedicate to my side-projects, I was confident it was the life I wanted for the next few years.

My three reasons driving this move.

First, freedom.

I wanted to be in control of all the decisions around work. Pick and choose the projects I wanted to work on was my main motivator.

I had worked on projects I was not very passionate about. It was not all that fun and had a negative impact on me. I would get up on the wrong side of the bed, bad mood, no motivation, and most importantly, I wasn't performing to the best of my capabilities.

Second, learning.

My desire to learn is what drives me.

The opportunity to select the projects and missions I really wanted to take on enabled me to learn the skills and expertise I want.

It can be about going further on a specific #nocode tool like Webflow, Bubble, or Zapier. It can be to grow as product manager.

Whatever the case may be, this is my thinking before embarking on a new project.

Lastly, working with ambitious and like-minded people.

Collective intelligence is bliss. Being surrounded with immensely talented people I look up to is the best way to level up.

Working with smart, ambitious people is so important to drive yourself up.

To be honest, these three reasons made me believe I could not do this by joining a company.

How it happened

During my entrepreneurial experience at Hello Tyro, I came across Zetoolbox in 2018. It immediately caught my eye.

It wasn't common yet to see people leverage no-code tools like this team was, especially in Belgium and France. I reached out and had a great chat to learn more about what they were doing.

Fast forward two years. I am planning my next career move as a no-code freelancer. Getting back in touch with them made total sense. A few beers here and there. We share our aspirations, goals, and talk about how we could work together.

Here I am, late 2020, starting to work for one of Zetoolbox's clients on a big Bubble project.

I was on track to reach my goal. A career as a freelance with the ability to work with clients and side-projects as I wished.

This is until early January and Jeremy telling me more about this club of experts and proposing me to be the one building this awesome community.

As you may know now, I said yes!

Why I said yes

Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth

Mike Tyson


I wasn't expecting this opportunity and it wasn't even in the cards. Yet, it was now.

It quickly felt like a tremendous opportunity and checked all the boxes when I look at the three things I value most in my career.


Ze Makers Club starts from scratch. There was no community a couple of weeks ago. Everything had to be built from the ground up.

The whole team shared their confidence in me to do this.


I have been so impressed by community builders that I had the chance to meet. Among them, you can find KP, Kieran, Alexis, and Edmund.

They are the all-stars of community builders and I want to be like them. Hence, it made total sense to take on this new role.

I also had the chance to witness first-hand Jeremy working with SMEs and helping them setting up the right processes and tools for their business. I aim to absorb as much of his expertise as possible with this job.

Working with the best

Hearing Jeremy's vision and the ambitions he had for Zetoolbox sold me on the role. He, Violette, Florent, and Iris very recently 🤓, are the brightest minds I have had the chance to meet and I am convinced that I'll learn a lot from working with them.

Their ambition is infectious and I am convinced that we'll achieve great things.

Let's do big things

I am so excited to lead this project and be part of such an ambitious team. They truly want to take over the SMEs world and help them achieve even greater things.

As of now:

👩‍💻👨‍💻 We have eight immensely talented makers who will have the power to take our SMEs to new heights.

🔥 A buzzing community with super involved makers, aligned with our vision, and ready to create awesome products.

🧑‍🔧👨‍🔧 Incoming projects for them to showcase their skills.

I am absolutely stoked 🤩 and will be documenting our progress on Twitter!

Stay tuned for our next adventures.